All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

DB Video: Creative with Videos for Events

More than twenty years ago, DB Video started as a small business in a garage, today that small company has become the market leader in video capturing for the events industry. Indeed, today, DB Video is a multi-media company – based in Aartselaar close to the A12 – with forty permanent employees and employing twice as many freelancers. With offices in the Netherlands and Luxemburg, DB Video also plays a role on the international market. Erik Wood, CEO of Eventonline, had a chat with Dimitri Beyaert, founder and managing director of DB Video.

“This year started very positive for us. 2015 however, was a difficult year for many companies, also for DB Video. Nevertheless we did well, although slightly less than we had expected,” Dimitri Beyaert explains. “This year, we already have won a major European tender resulting in a number of fixed contracts on a weekly basis, which boosts the stability of the company.”

The European tender won by the company from Aartselaar is valid for a five-year period. It is a great challenge as the contract stipulates providing all the audiovisual facilities in terms of events and TV for the European Parliament. “Obviously, we are very happy with this contract,” the manager commented. “But we already work for the Flemish Parliament for which we also provide audiovisual facilities and all technical staff as well.” Additionally, the company also has a contract with the European Council, for which it works with translators and interpreters.

DB Video does not work only for governmental institutions, but is being contracted by a wide array of B2B and B2C clients as well. “Events up to 1,000 people, we can get easily done. We can provide the combination of LED screens, light-sound-design in-house. And of course the support to create the content. All this is a guarantee for supporting an event from A to Z. The large in-house package we can provide also allows us to respond quickly,” Dimitri Beyaert adds. “The press conference of Ahold, the Albert Hein Holding that recently merged with the Delhaize Group, is a good example. A day before the news was going to be announced, we were instructed to set up a conference with a lot of media attention.”

All activities of DB Video are event or television related. “We continue to further specialize in everything that is video-related for events, ranging from recording and editing, but also at the event itself, multi-camera recording with full AV support (projection, LED, plasma displays, light and sound). We provide the right images that the customer needs, including multimedia presentations (PowerPoint, Prezis, Keynotes, etc.).”

The biggest customers of DB Video are event agencies, although companies with their own event department also find their way towards Dimitri Beyaert’s crew. “Conceptually and technically we can be very creative. However, we are not an event agency. An event company provides an even wider range of services. They provide print media, hostesses, etc. And these are services we do not deliver.”

DB Video fully focuses on the audiovisual services. “Prior recordings with directors who can not attend, or creating an entire promo video for a new product, livestreaming etc., those activities are our core business,” the manager points out.

DB Video also works internationally. Recently, its crews worked on a number of big congresses in Frankfurt, also commissioned by event agencies. “Conceptually, we always work closely together.”

The advantage of working with DB Video is the fact that its creativity has no limits. “Due to the motivation of our people,” Dimitri Beyaert claims. “We currently employ 40 permanent employees, almost all of them are technical and creative people. In addition, we also work on a daily basis with some 85 freelancers on different projects. We consciously choose also to work with these freelancers because this way you can foster creativity. For example you have directors who are very good for concerts or some are excellent for interviews with managers etc. Therefore, the mix between employees and freelancers is important and necessary, and it’s certainly an added value for our company.”

Innovation also remains an important factor for Dimitri Beyaert’s company. “We make substantial investments in innovation,” the manager said. “For example, we have very heavily invested in LED screens, only high resolution displays – 3mm, 1.9mm – since we had a very high demand for these screens.”

Applications for Events

DB Video has something in store for this autumn. “We have been developing and testing some concepts,” Dimitri Beyaert reveals. “We also have been working with drones for a long time now. For instance, we made a promotional film with drones for the municipality of Lebbeke. Early September we’re planning to launch an interactive service on the market that will undoubtedly add great value to the event industry. But more on that later.”

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