All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

17 hectares of “zen” in domain Les Sorbiers

As soon as we recover our freedom to move and interact face to face, than comes the time for me to bring my team together.

It won’t be another remote meeting;  I will favor a face to face event all together.  I can see us working closely on our future and at the same time enjoying a relaxing time based on true human interactions.

For that purpose, I dream about a place that everyone will remember: a welcoming environment in the middle of the nature, a cosy place well decorated with great attention to service.

For efficient working sessions,  I want a large meeting room professionally equipped turned to the outside

To build up the team spirit, I want them to enjoy a few team activities, I want to recognize their contribution by offering a great environment and delightful meals.

I only have ‘one’ choice:  I pick the hotel ‘Les Sorbiers’ at the banks of the Haute-Meuse

Les Sorbiers….much more than an hotel.


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