All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

A new year full of developments – CITYWORKERS

The new year has started and they have enthusiastically embarked on a period full of brilliant developments.

Soon they will share their exclusive insights directly with you on Instagram and launch our latest brochure. In addition, they are proud of the successful events they have already realised, with even some top international clients!

Curious about all the details? You can read more in this newsletter.

In Unfiltered Insights, they will elaborate on the insights Claudia gained in her CITYWORKERS adventure. The interviews will offer a unique perspective on topics close to their hearts.

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They started the year with a big client

They started the year well at CITYWORKERS, with events for real international top clients!

For example, they were allowed to hold a fun workshop for La Mer, a high-end cosmetics brand from the house of Estée Lauder.

Below you can see a series of photos from this wonderful event.

And they followed this up with a vibrant evening

This event for TribeAffair was not just any event; it was a beautiful celebration of the staff of Quick and Burger King.

The evening at THE MILLS began with a warm welcome, including refreshments, followed by a presentation by the CEO. The evening ended with a feast under the stars. This evening, burgers were out of the question as Jacky Private Dining provided yet another unique culinary experience. Cooking was done outside on the Ofyr in their cosy courtyard garden, which can be seen from every room: THE CATALPA. The bar was transformed into a live station where the delicious dishes were served. Delicious (and) interactive!

The informal setting, with seating from low to high, created a cosy and personal atmosphere where interaction was key. After dinner, they ended the evening with drinks (and, for some, even dancing) at the bar.

So it became not only an evening full of flavours, but also full of connection. That’s how they like to do it.

THE MILLS has even more to offer

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

They will soon launch their new THE MILLS brochure. Their 2022 and 2023 clients can expect it in their mailbox along with a nice card. You’ll see that they haven’t stood still in terms of event venues either. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your next event?



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