All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Belgian company ‘Hold My Shoes’ pulls ‘The Beast’ to Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain

Ever since 2016, ‘The Beast’ has been a known phenomenon within the world of ‘inflatables’, read: the wonderful world of inflatable attractions.

Benedikt De Vreese, Founder of ‘Hold My Shoes’ explains, “in 2016, at the 10-year celebration of our Team Building -and Attraction Rental company V-FORMATION, we featured our mega obstacle course of the time, and our video went viral! After more than 100M views online and requests from all over the world, Benedikt and his team decided to start a new company for ‘The Beast’, as the track was christened: HOLD MY SHOES! The company stands for an ‘active lifestyle’ and ‘having fun together to put aside the concerns of life for a while’. Hold My Shoes, I’m going in!”

Successfully so it seems, as in the past few years The Beast have travelled the world with their Beast, with international highlights in Japan, Chile, Los Angeles, Singapore, … but equally within Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Malmö, Bologna, Dublin,…). In 2018, they were awarded another Guinness World Record Award. 2020 and 2021 were completely lost to Covid, but the company has always continued to believe in the strength of their organisation: telling and promoting their story through a giant inflatable structure.

There has been contact with the Formula 1 organisation for years, but due to various reasons, a collaboration had not succeeded until now, but that is about to change. Between 3 and 5 March, ‘The Beast’ will be on display at the Bahrain International Circuit during Formula 1’s season opener!

Fun fact, in the coming weeks, Hold My Shoes will release more events where people will be able to challenge their ‘Inner Beast’ once more.

Let the beast go!


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