All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Belgian Event Agency ‘MEETMARCEL’ wins gold at World BEA in Rome

On Friday evening, in Rome, the World BEA 2023 awards were presented. The World BEA, gathers the strongest event cases before an international jury that awards the prizes in the different categories. MEETMARCEL, a Belgian Event Agency, won multiple awards with their event OKKULT, organised for Jobfixers. Besides Gold in the main B2B category, MEETMARCEL also won Bronze in the ‘festivities’ sub-category and the award for ‘Best creativity’. Last week, the national BEA awards were presented in Antwerp and here too MEETMARCEL won Gold.

The World BEA, an international festival for events and live communication, collects the strongest event cases such as Ferrari car launches, the opening ceremony World Cup Qatar, UAE, etc. In the B2B category, MEETMARCEL won gold for their event OKKULT, leaving Google and Volkswagen behind. The bronze prize in sub-category ‘festivities’ and the prize for ‘Best creativity’ also went to the Belgian Event Agency.

Jobfixers faces major challenges in the inclusion and integration of certain profiles in a rapidly changing society. For the event OKKULT, organised for Jobfixers, MEETMARCEL drew inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’ and Sandro Botticelli’s painting ‘Mappa dell’Inferno’.

In awarding the three awards to OKKULT, the international jury of marketers and press motivated as follows: ‘very interesting event, the allegorical use of Dante’s Inferno to promote hiring ‘different or unusual, inclusive’ profiles is really smart, congrats!’

Jobfixers is a Belgian company active in the temping sector and to celebrate their sixth anniversary appropriately, they called on MEETMARCEL to organise and manage this event. Jobfixers faces enormous challenges in the inclusion and integration of certain profiles, combined with a rapidly changing society and an uncertain market.

MEETMARCEL found inspiration in a 14th-century literary masterpiece written by Italian writer Dante, La Divina Commedia. In his journey through hell (‘Inferno’), there are encounters with beings who have rejected spiritual values and lost their human hope. Dante’s universal message fits perfectly with the challenges Jobfixers faces.
For the practical execution, MEETMARCEL drew on Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Mappa dell’Inferno’. The nine concentric circles, inhabited by invisible creatures that confront guests with the question of what is strange and what is considered normal, were the model for the scaffolding structure.

For the creation of the figures, MEETMARCEL collaborated with the Mechelen-based theatre company Abattoir Fermé of theatre-maker Stef Lernous.

OKKULT took place in spring for 1,000 invited guests and 40 actors and 20 performers worked on the event.

Watch the OKKULT video here

‘As a creative team, it is fantastic to be able to link a topical theme like inclusion with one of the masterpieces of Western European literature. The fact that a painting by Botticelli then also forms the basis of the practical elaboration makes this a unique event where the theatre world and the event world have joined forces with a stunning result.’ – Bartel Van Iseghem – Managing director & partner MEETMARCEL

Organisatie unieke concepten voor bedrijven – MeetMarcel



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