All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Crowne Plaza Bruges shows its commitment with an exhibition of ‘Solart’

Crowne Plaza Brugge reinforces its commitment to sustainability by exhibiting SOLART works by artist Hans Cornel. From Thursday 28 March to Sunday 14 April 2024, the artworks will be on display at Crowne Plaza Brugge.

With SOLART, Hans Cornel offers a creative solution for rejected solar panels, giving them a second life as artistic expressions. Cornel’s works, presented on tempered glass including frame, show how solar panels can be transformed into works of art, retaining their original visual characteristics. This upcycling concept contributes to a more sustainable future by offering a solution to the growing problem of solar panels that are difficult to recycle.

Crowne Plaza Brugge chose to showcase these works because of the hotel’s ongoing efforts to be energy-conscious and responsible. Having achieved the Green Key certificate for 10 in a row, the hotel has made significant progress in energy saving. Since 2019, the hotel has achieved 12% savings in gas, water and electricity consumption, with a target of 25% savings by 2030.

We are happy to list some of the hotel’s key sustainability initiatives:

  • replacement of small packaging with luxury dispensers that are fully recyclable
  • \installation of water savers on showers, taps and toilets
  • \waste separation
  • return of packaging by suppliers
  • replacement of all lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting with sensors
  • refinement of heating and cooling controls, including installation of window contacts to switch off heating and air conditioning when windows are opened
  • purchase of local and regional products as much as possible
  • system whereby towels in the room are changed only on request for longer stays
  • raising awareness of sustainability among staff and guests
  • limiting small packaging and eventually doing away with it completely
  • eliminating plastic cups, bottles and packaging
  • use of wooden keycards
  • cleaning of rooms can be postponed on request
  • insulation of heating and water pipes
  • promoting sustainable commuting to and from work by offering electric bicycles and train and bus passes

Crowne Plaza Bruges has also obtained plans and the permits to install solar panels on the hotel’s roof, further strengthening its commitment to sustainability.

With the exhibition of SOLART works, Crowne Plaza Brugge is making a strong statement for sustainable business and encouraging others to also actively contribute to a greener future.

Crowne Plaza Bruges

Crowne Plaza Brugge is a leading hotel in the heart of the historic city of Bruges, committed to sustainability and offering outstanding service to its guests. With a strong focus on environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility, the hotel strives to have a positive impact on the community and the environment.


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Crowne Plaza Brugge – Burg 10 – 8000 Brugge

Conference hotel in the centre of Bruges – Crowne Plaza Brugge


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