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Smoothly blending the digital world with the real one, that is what Let’s Get Digital means for the event industry. Technology that brings together the best of both worlds.

New digital needs

The end of the pandemic sparked the comeback of physical events and around the world event organizers ready themselves. However, after two years of connecting remotely, they face a new challenge: our expectations regarding technology have increased dramatically.

People now look for flexible and comprehensive solutions and a smooth user experience. There is a need for technology that easily integrates the digital world into real life.

The Swiss army knife for events

Eventronics presents an impressive solution: Let’s Get Digital is an online platform for physical, hybrid and online events. Their digital solutions are versatile and support all event types: from integrating apps in physical events, to the full set-up of online events, connecting people from all over the world.

Let’s go hybrid

Going hybrid means integrating the digital world into ‘the real one’ and this creates many fascinating opportunities. For example, hosting both remote and physical speakers, boosting the interaction between the attendees or setting up polls and Q&A’s.

An immersive experience    

Let’s Get Digital entices with many technological wonders: from digital check-in badges and welcoming hosts to novel networking opportunities and tailor-made apps. Participants are in for a user-friendly and engaging experience!

Biggest advantages of Let‘s Get Digital in a nutshell:

  • For all types of events, regardless of their size or available technology.
  • Understanding the impact of events through accurate data in real time.
  • Support from the Eventronics team from start to finish.
  • Innovative networking opportunities, connecting digital and physical audiences.
  • An intuitive and immersive experience that mimics real life.
  • Highly customizable technology

Technology support for hybrid events – Eventronics


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