All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Event Masters receives Bronze and Special BEA Award for inclusion for Belgian Special Olympics opening ceremony

Event Masters, a leading light in Belgium’s event industry, has clinched the prestigious Belgian Event Award (BEA) for inclusion for their pivotal role in orchestrating the opening ceremony of the 39th edition of the Special Olympics National Games. Furthermore, they crowned their success with a bronze award for the same event in the category “Institutional Events”, further highlighting their expertise and commitment to crafting meaningful events.

The Stage of Inclusivity

The BEA Awards, which annually celebrate the remarkable achievements of the event industry, highlighted Event Masters for their commitment to this inclusive event. This accreditation shows their commitment to crafting events that surpass mere logistical and creative hurdles to achieve profound social resonance.

Event Masters curated an unforgettable spectacle that placed the 3,500 participating athletes and spectators at the heart of the experience. In collaboration with the city of Mechelen and Special Olympics Belgium, their mission was to host ‘the warmest Games ever.’

“This accolade from the BEA jury reinforces our resolve to deliver events that make a lasting imprint on our community. It’s a privilege to see our passion for event organization celebrated on such an esteemed stage,” says Bert Knuts, CEO of Event Masters.

A step forward in inclusion

The BEA Awards accolade for inclusion is a testament to Event Masters’ expertise in creating events that weave together ethics and entertainment. It underscores the ability to contribute to significant social causes. This achievement marks a milestone for the company and accentuates its status as an industry leader.

“With this perspective, we continue to set the bar higher for the event industry,” states Bert Knuts.

About Event Masters

Event Masters, established in 1995, is a key player in the Belgian event sector. With their headquarters in Willebroek and a new office in Ghent, the 50-strong team brings diversity and expertise to ensure each event is a hit. The company boasts an annual turnover of over 15 million euros and is driven by a passion to deliver notable and memorable experiences, both locally and internationally.

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