Eventronics engages the interaction! – 4 ways to boost your audience’s engagement

Haven’t we all experienced it? A conference with endless presentations without a connection to the people around you? Nowadays, keeping your audience engaged is the most important aspect of a successful event. Here are 4 options to keep the interactivity going.

Virtual Chat

Integrating chat messages into your digital or hybrid event is an excellent way to increase audience engagement. People feel more connected when they have a way to make connections and friends. Within these instant messages themselves, there are several options. You can communicate publicly with everyone or if you prefer you can send a private message to someone. If this is not enough, you can also talk to each other in different rooms that focus on a particular topic, with or without video.

Live event polls

By allowing attendees to ask questions and give feedback at a live event, you make them feel more engaged. It is also a safe way to share ideas and opinions as polls are almost always anonymous. By letting the online and on-site audience vote on presentation-oriented topics, you capture their attention, see how well they understand the content and create fun discussions.

Event games

Using games to increase attendee engagement is relatively uncharted territory for the event industry. Surprising actually, because it is scientifically proven that people can keep their attention better and that productivity increases. Therefore, challenge your audience in a playful way and throw some small rewards into the game. Games can be set up with different goals in mind: from signing up for the newsletter to stimulating networking.

Live Q&A

When you include live Q&As in your event, you open the doors to many possibilities. Both online and in-person participants get involved and can ask questions directly in the platform or application. This format creates a sense of belonging and ultimately your audience will be much more active.

Boost engagement with Eventronics

The team of Eventronics has a real talent to bring people together. Our interactive tools are an effective cocktail of creativity and the right technology. With their solutions, it becomes significantly easier to increase audience engagement at any event.



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