Le Relais de Basel: serene place with hospitality high on the agenda

Classed as one of the most beautiful villages in Flanders, Basel is home to Wissekerke Castle, St Peter’s Church and is surrounded by fascinating heritage. This medieval village is located near an exceptional natural beauty. The Polders of Kruibeke form the largest inundation area in Flanders (650 hectares of top nature). A true walking and cycling paradise amidst forests, meadows, mud flats and salt marshes and thousands of meadow and water birds. The right place to relax and recharge your batteries. A green pit stop to refuel the necessary oxygen. It is in this idyllic setting that hostess Gina Miurin and star chef Kris De Roy have created the beautiful Le Relais de Bazel. A serene place where all the warm tones of hospitality are present.

What’s in a Name

For centuries, the word ‘Relais’ has been synonymous with a house where one can take refuge, feel safe and unwind. The essence of the term has never changed. In the past, it was the literal ‘rest inn’ on long treks. Now, it still refers to a moment of rest on a way too hectic life. Thus, ‘Le Relais de Basel’ wants to offer the necessary peace and serenity in a contemporary, holistic way. Every form of gathering is tailor-made and with respect for the necessary privacy! Both a meeting with only a few guests and a beautiful wedding celebration are approached in this way and worked out to measure.

This stately mansion anno 1840 was bought and renovated in 1947 by the Pien family. Since then, for generations, it has been the location for the famous notary office of father and later son Notaris Patrick Pien. The property was bought by the current owners just before the corona crisis, completely renovated and restored to its former glory. The classical architectural style and the timeless aura of this former notary’s house typify the building. The symmetrical and tight basic lines give it a classy authentic look. The current interior is both stylish and exceptionally contemporary. Today, this building is all about wellbeing and privacy.

Sophisticated concept

Le Relais de Basel is a versatile and spacious venue with beautiful gardens, which lends itself perfectly to the organisation of a wide range of events with a global and personalised service focused on the integrity of the guests’ experience and their privacy.

This venue is a privileged cocoon made up of two suites and a loft of a very high standard. The decoration and furnishing are thanks to the overflowing imagination of hostess Gina Miurin. Although the façade of the former mansion has remained almost unchanged, the entire interior of the house has been redesigned in a contemporary style.

On the ground floor, there are several private rooms for all purposes, a library with a view, an office and meeting room, a large multipurpose room that can accommodate 50 people (seated), an open kitchen with the possibility of show-cooking, a large terrace that can also accommodate 60 people and then a huge private garden. On the first and second floor there are two beautiful suites: Suite Manon’ and ‘Suite La Cinq’, as well as the ‘Loft au 5ième Ciel’ which is both bright and spacious and offers an exceptional view of the gardens and the picturesque village square. Both private and business, this property appeals to the imagination.


The following is an overview of what Le Relais de Basel can offer through full or partial “rentals” with the aim of providing the experience of a personalised “homefeeling”.

  • All the spaces are available to individuals or companies for short or long stays;
  • The garden of Le Relais de Bazel (possible connection with that of Hofke van Bazel);
  • The ground floor – in whole or in part (multipurpose room, open kitchen, office or meeting room, terrace);
  • The 1st floor: two spacious and comfortable contemporary suites (also available separately) with views of the garden and village square.
  • The 2nd floor: a loft with large terraces and 360° view on the garden and the village.

Hofke van Bazel

Hofke van Bazel is the exclusive catering partner of Le Relais de Bazel. The food experience is exclusively provided by star chef Kris De Roy. This renowned restaurant is also a strong advocate of green gastronomy. The intense bond with nature and all the beauty it has to offer is always and unconditionally shown in this kitchen.

You can go there for:

  • Fine dining experience;
  • Healthy moments with the link to the impact of food on mental and physical health;
  • Receptions;
  • Walking dinner;
  • Presentations and tastings;
  • Culinary workshops.

Complete service

To complete the service during an event, the following services can also be used:

  • Valet and parking service;
  • Luxury taxi transport (limousine, water limo);
  • Specific concierge services;
  • Personal coaching & training;
  • Tailor-made tours (kitchen garden and surroundings);
  • Events & Business from A to Z.

The team of Le Relais de Bazel has talent in abundance to turn every stay in this special environment into a truly unique and exclusive hospitality experience, away from the world … partly thanks to the soothing surrounding nature.


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