All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

MeetMarcel for Danone, never change a winning team

There were 300 of them, the Danone fans. Exuberant and ready for a top game!

Baskettempel Okapi, home of first division player Okapi Aalst, was the basecamp for this strategic 2024 kick-off. Making the guests really feel the atmosphere, the excitement of a top game, the impression such an arena makes on you, experiencing the energy, that was the intention of meetmarcel, which deliberately chose this immersive location. ‘Letting people live experiences, so that they go back home recharged and full of impressions, that’s what it’s all about.’ A giant mascot and enthusiastic cheerleading squad made this an opening game of stature.

Danone’s dream team aspires to top score

Danone’s coaches dribbled smoothly and deftly through the strategic pillars for 2024. Slam. Dunk. With smooth passes and the necessary assists to their teammates, they achieved the aspirated positive, energetic vibe. A focus on even greater team spirit in 2024. A message reinforced via highlights on the central jumbotron.

Beat the buzzer

Meanwhile, the energy rose to an unprecedented level. At halftime, it was happily time to take to the court yourself for a while. Three-pointers scored amid loud cheers from colleagues.

In the closing quarter, the team really got into its stride. The break-out sessions had brought valuable insights for each of the teams. Beat the buzzer became the mantra of the day. Keep going. Until the last minute.

“Fear is the ultimate illusion holding us back each day”

Sébastien Bellin, himself a professional basketball player at European level for many years and captain of the Belgian national team was the evening’s guest speaker. The attack on 22 March 2016 in Zaventem marked the end of a career for him, but at the same time the start of a new life. In 2022, he competed in the Iron Man in Hawaii. A rebound that could count. Resilience was Bellin’s ultimate driving force, a message he tries to share with as many people as possible today. This inspiring lecture therefore left a deep impression on the Danone guests. ‘The only certainty you have is that everything changes.’ Or how an athlete’s mindset can also make a difference in everyday life.


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