Proximus Pop-Up Arena and Veldeman offer music lovers a unique indoor festival experience

Now that July is over, the Proximus Pop-Up Arena in Middelkerke is taking stock. This shows that no fewer than 92.20% of visitors rated the arena with a score of at least
of at least 7 out of 10 points. Over a quarter even rewarded their visit with the maximum score of 10 points.

For the second summer in a row, the Proximus Pop-Up Arena in Middelkerke welcomed tens of thousands of music fans to around twenty concerts. Just like last summer, over a third of them say they combine a visit to the arena with a stay at the seaside. More than half of them say they are planning other leisure activities in addition to going to the concert. The concert accommodation also receives positive feedback. For instance, almost 8 out of 10 visitors say they are satisfied with the view of the stage.

Unique festival feeling with the advantages of an indoor arena

Veldeman once again provided the accommodation in which artists and audiences can enjoy a musical summer. Commissioned by be-at, the company built an impressive Boxx structure measuring 50 by 60 metres and no less than 14 metres high.
The Boxx was fitted with black roofing membranes, panels with a silver exterior and dark interior, two 5 x 4 metre cargo gates to facilitate logistics and 28 ventilation grilles, a requirement since corona. Reinforcing brackets were placed on the stage to allow higher suspension heights for light and sound. The arena, which can accommodate 5,000 spectators, combines a unique festival feel with the advantages of an indoor arena.

Total solution from Veldeman

Besides the striking arena, Veldeman also built ten alu halls that serve as a green room, kitchen, drinks and food outlets and self-service shop. In addition, 3,000 m² of terrace flooring and a complete stand for Proximus were installed.

Be-at and Veldeman succeeded in offering tens of thousands of music lovers a unique experience this summer.

New Boxx structure

Earlier this year Veldeman’s new Boxx structure could be seen at the Dutch Awakenings Easter festival (photo) where it was used as a stage tent. In October, you can admire the Boxx as the epicentre during the Zoute Grand Prix. Here, the structure will be used as a showroom for premium car brands, for exclusive events, VIP cocktails, etc.

Production, rental and sales of tents and temporary structures – Veldeman


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