All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

We are House of Hospitality

Six crackers from the event and hospitality industry join forces, meet House of Hospitality.

“House of Hospitality is a coalition of companies that each have the ambition to be best in class. By bringing together our passion and expertise, we aim for a customer experience that is unseen in the industry. Our services complement each other seamlessly leading to synergies in the workplace.” – Rakki Amghar, CEO House of Hospitality

In a groundbreaking move that redefines the standards of hospitality, six leading companies united announce their collaboration, creating a powerful alliance in the Belgian event and hospitality industry.

Flying Service, Blackfisk, Kitchenstaff, Mira Event Support, Djobz and Hels unite their expertise and passion to provide an extraordinary experience to every guest who crosses their threshold. With each having a unique focus within the hospitality sector, these companies represent a wide range of services and expertise. From training and sending out flexible workers to culinary and logistics support for events of all kinds. By regularly working on joint projects, employees from different companies practically became colleagues, despite operating under different brand names. Gradually, they began to work more closely together, getting to know each other better and aligning processes.

“This is an exciting moment for all of us” says Rakki Amghar, CEO of House of Hospitality. “We consider hospitality a true art form. Here, we are familiar with giving and receiving hospitality. Every company within House of Hospitality embraces the same ethos: striving for the ultimate guest experience. With House of Hospitality, we want to make this common goal clearer and better highlight our synergy by flying the same flag. The aim is for our clients to have one central point of contact for their various needs. That works more efficiently and transparently.”

People remain central

This collaboration promises not only a revolution in the industry, but also new opportunities for growth and innovation. “Despite the targeted growth, our focus remains on providing quality for our customers. People will always be central for us. We consider it extremely important to strive for a positive corporate culture where everyone feels at home. We want to remain ambitious and support our customers on multiple operational fronts. By mentoring and training our employees, we bring out the best in everyone,” says Koen Gryson of Mira.

For more information on this partnership and the unique services each company has to offer, please contact: Lore Cauwels 0479 46 94 74


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