All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Le Chatelain: Boutique Hotel and MICE Venue

‘Le Chatelain’ is a five-star hotel located in one of the upscale areas of Brussels. The hotel is family-owned and was built and opened in 2000. Olivier Wauters, Executive Director of Eventonline, met with Steve Grunwald, General Manager of Le Chatelain.
“We have very personal service towards our clients”, explains Steve Grunwald. “That is one of the main differences compared to other properties. We tend to have a personalized and client-centered service. We know our clients’ habits and desires upfront and try to anticipate their needs and expectations. Especially, in providing the service itself. During lunches, dinners or the facilities they need. We are dedicated to the guests we have.”

Le Chatelain provides a tailor-made and customized service in the packages especially created for its clients. “And this can be noticed in the small details”, says the General Manager. “From the buffets which we adapt to the preferences of the clients up to the cultural needs as well. We are modular in our way to adapt our services to our guests.”
The hotel has 107 rooms of different types, as well as seven meeting rooms, a beautiful garden with terrace and its own private parking. “Security, comfort and personalized service are our priority,” adds Steve Grunwald.
Le Chatelain is an independent hotel. However, it recently joined the Preferred Hotels Group. “As a marketing and branding partner, this Group provides a larger visibility around the world and gets us into the international family of luxury hotels”, says the GM.
Many projects are coming up as well. “Regarding events, we partner up with those hosted in the city, but we host are own events in the hotel as well, like our monthly Sunday brunches, our musical and culinary events.”
Le Chatelain is considered a boutique hotel. Steve Grunwald describes it as follows. “To my opinion, a boutique hotel is a human-sized hotel. Everything should be manageable. The accesses, the security, the comfort, the personalized service and attention. Boutique hotels are mostly independent hotels, family owned property, below 100 rooms. Also boutique hotels are more exclusive hotels, in exclusive areas and looking for a specific niche.”
Although being a boutique hotel, Le Chatelain has many meeting facilities. “Our hotel has always been very active and present on the MICE segment. It is representing a big part of our clientele. We have regular returning guests, many of them return on a yearly base. This is proof of loyalty through good service, our key motivation. Our involvement in the MICE industry continues to grow.”  

For its MICE guests, Le Chatelain has a business partner offering a wide array of teambuilding activities. “Although, internally we also have developed teambuilding activities like the culinary cooking classes which are quite popular”, adds Steve Grunwald.
The hotel also offers MICE related services, i.e. a shuttle service and in-house translation facilities, quite unique in Brussels, as well as a direct and easy access to its meeting rooms. “For instance for a launch of a brand new car. Let’s not forget the beautiful garden and terrace, the seven modular meeting rooms for 2 to 400 people and the two restaurants. But, most important, it’s our dedicated staff that makes the difference”, ends the GM.

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