Sustainable staycation at Thon Hotels

Sustainable staycation,

We think about the environment, we believe in the future,

This year 2020 has allowed us to focus on what really matters. We have turned towards the future and to sustainable tourism. Thon Hotels’ values are in line with the need to escape but to stay close to your home. Recharge your batteries in one of its Brussels hotels, enjoy the full Thon Hotels experience and discover the Brussels, one the greenest capital in Europe.

The Thon Hotels chain has been fully aware since years now of the limited natural resources available on earth. They chose to implement an environmental policy to reduce the ecological footprint while maintaining qualitative service. They can prove this policy with three hotels labelled with the “Green Key”, the stars of the “Label Entreprise Ecodynamique” and several eco-leaders on TripAdvisor. In some Thon Hotels, payment is even possible with your “eco-cheques”.

The most important news in 2020 is about energy and waste management. Electricity for hotels and residences are now coming 100% from renewable energy sources. Thon Hotel EU and Stanhope Hotel Brussels are collecting rainwater and even have their own solar panels. Some hotels are adapted to cyclists with secure bicycle parking, accessories and “Vélib” vouchers to promote a better mobility in the city. All Thon Hotels in Brussels are close to metro and / or tram stations.

Last but not least, sustainable food is becoming a key objective in 2020. Thon Hotels offers to their customers, fair trade coffee, free-range eggs, weekly seasonal menus and even a Thonner’ke – a triple beer brewed exclusively for Thon Hotels Brussels. Furthermore, you can find an aromatic garden for the bar and the kitchen. Thon Hotel EU and Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie go even further with their rooftop vegetable gardens and insect hotels. In addition, Thon Hotel EU has set up beehives that produce honey every year.

In constant reflection, the chain is constantly trying to improve its practices and find new local suppliers who can meet hotels’ requirements.

Hotel with conference rooms Brussels Airport – Thon Hotel Brussels Airport

Hotel with meeting facilities in Brussels – Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre

Rent seminar rooms Brussels – Thon Hotel EU

Seminar Hotel Brussels – Stanhope Hotel Brussels by Thon Hotels



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