All you need to know about the event sector

All you need to know about the event sector

Switzerland introduces Swisstainable

Switzerland has always been and continues to be a trailblazer on many different subjects. Swisstainable is the latest hot subject that has been addressed by the Switzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau (SCIB) and the Brussels SCIB Office is proud to announce that they resume in October the well-known yearly networking workshop for agencies and professional organisers. A dozen Swiss Partners will be present as well, a first class opportunity to get first- hand knowledge of the efforts and special opportunities on offer.

Yes we can go live! … and if the situation changes we go hybrid or virtual… but Swisstainability will be the subject of the event.

I will take place in the new venue Comet Louise on October 20h 2021 at 5.30 pm

Our keynote speaker, Antoine Geerinckx, a Belgian specialist on the subject, will talk on “ Key climate & environmental driving forces that will shape the next decades”. He will underline Switzerland’s role in matters of sustainability.

Keynote Speaker: Antoine Geerinckx

His company CO2LOGIC is an international climate advisory organisation. He has been working mainly as a climate consultant helping companies & organisations to reduce their climate impact and generate sustainable competitive and socio- economic advantages.

We will also be joined by Zero Waste Belgium, a non-profit organisation that raises awareness about waste issues in Belgium, who will give a short presentation on how to organise a zero waste event.

Do it yourself @ the event

To illustrate the theme of the day, we offer participants the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and …make their own terrarium. A terrarium is a collection of small, decorative plants growing in an enclosed environment. Under the guidance of a specialist each guest will be making their own creation, a mini-garden that they can of course take home so it can take pride of place on the desk and remind them of Switzerland, where zero emission and waste management for events are basics and long implemented!

Swisstainable, the cornerstone of your next event!

At the dawn of a new era, Switzerland introduces Swisstainable. Swisstainable is definitely a trailblazer, making Switzerland a leader in the matter, taking the first big step towards securing the long-term success of Switzerland as a travel destination and making it the world’s most sustainable destination.

For more information please contact

Myriam Winnepenninckx
Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau
C/o Embassy of Switzerland
Place du Luxembourg 1
1050 Brussels
Tel 02/345 83 57


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